‘The Hexecutioners’ Review

At the outset of The Hexecutioners, a title card informs us that the film is set in a universe where euthanasia is not only legal, but has been monetised. Protagonist Malison (Liv Collins) takes a job at a company specialising in carrying out assisted suicide rituals to the agreed specifications of the patient’s family.

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Back from FrightFest!


I’m back and decidedly weary after a great weekend at FrightFest Glasgow. It was a mixed bag of films, some of which you’ll be hearing a little more about on the site in the coming days, but as always, the best part was the people. Thanks to the friends old and new who made this trip what it was.

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‘The Package’ Review – a short film by Damon Rickard

Damon Rickard’s The Package wastes no time in cutting to the chase. Before the opening titles, an unnamed man (Dan Palmer, Stalled, Banjo) is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned, desolate location. We learn that his captor (Tom Gordon, star of Rickard’s directorial debut The Tour) has had previous business with his newly acquired hostage, and in short, he has something that he wants, and will go to serious lengths to get back.

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Next week on Shock Street…

Good evening!

First and foremost, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for the amazing first week that Shock Street Horror has had. Your attention and support has been huge for the site, and got things off to a massively encouraging start.

Next week I have a whole load more exciting content going live, so I’d love it if you stayed around for the ride! We’ll be previewing FrightFest Glasgow ahead of the event kicking off on Thursday, as well as reviews of Damon Rickard’s award-winning short The Package and feature film The House on Pine Street, a new VOD release in the UK!

In the meantime, thanks a lot to everyone who has spent some time on the site this week. It’s great to have you here, and I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next!


NEWS: ‘Mindless’ Director Katie Bonham Appears on ‘Chattering With Nicholas Vince’ Ahead of World Premiere

With less than two weeks to go until the world premiere of her new short Mindless at FrightFest Glasgow, British director Katie Bonham appeared on Chattering With Nicholas Vince on Sunday to talk to the Hellraiser star about her career up to this point, the projects they’ve worked on together and what’s influenced her, including some interesting points on the British social realism drama films that have informed her work.

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