Hello and welcome to Shock Street Horror, yet another website thrown hopefully and speculatively into the already oversaturated pool of horror news and review blogs!

I figured it might be wise to kick things off with a bit of background on who I am, why I’m here, and what I’m hoping you’ll get out of sticking with the site to see what comes next. I thought about calling this section ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, but that makes extremely misleading assumptions about how frequently I’m asked any of these questions. So with that in mind, let’s go with Possibly Asked Questions about Shock Street Horror.

Q: Who the hell are you anyway?

A: I’m Mitch. I’m based in Aberdeen in Scotland and in the last few years I’ve come to love both horror films and the related community of people I’ve got to know in my three years of attending horror festivals in London and Glasgow. Because I didn’t start watching horror with any kind of regularity until 2011 or so, there are some pretty serious gaps in my knowledge, but I’m furiously trying to make up for lost time, while also doing my best to stay on top of the best (and worst) of new releases too, big or small.

Q: So you’re some kind of amateur? You just admitted you haven’t seen some of the classics? Why in God’s name should I listen to you?

A: Jesus man, there’s no need to get so intense about it.

I’ve been writing reviews for various websites for a number of years, predominantly on films and music. If nothing else, my time doing that has taught me to think about my opinions, be as balanced as possible, and say whatever you want to say with a bit of conviction. I think I’m pretty good at it, and if you’d like to hang around to see if you agree with me, then it’d be great to have you.

I’ll also periodically be running a segment called Decayed Reactions where I review something that I, by rights, should have seen a long time ago. Because I didn’t grow up with horror, I’m reviewing these on first watch, without the gift of context. So that could be interesting. Also, if you disagree with my opinion on your favourite film, you can give me a torrent of abuse in the comments section. Deal?

Q: Hmm, I’m not convinced.

A: Look, just give me a chance, okay?

Q: Hmmm. So what do you like?

A: The films that made me curious to watch more horror were things like the Saw franchise, MayThe Loved OnesSinister, Paranormal ActivityConfessions and more.

Q: How often will you update this thing? I don’t have all the time in the world to sit here listening to your crap.

A: I’ll be updating this as regularly as I can. I’ll be covering everything from big theatrical titles to VOD releases to shorts, and everything in between. I’m also hoping to throw in some news, festival previews, guest articles and more.

That’ll be all for now! Coming up soon we’ll have some news on a promising Kickstarter project that’s making waves at the moment, a review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and a look ahead to the first festival I’ll be attending this year: Film4 FrightFest in Glasgow on February 25th-27th.

Thanks for reading!





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