‘The Package’ Review – a short film by Damon Rickard

Damon Rickard’s The Package wastes no time in cutting to the chase. Before the opening titles, an unnamed man (Dan Palmer, Stalled, Banjo) is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned, desolate location. We learn that his captor (Tom Gordon, star of Rickard’s directorial debut The Tour) has had previous business with his newly acquired hostage, and in short, he has something that he wants, and will go to serious lengths to get back.

With the film set entirely in one location and heavy on scene-setting by necessity, it’s to Rickard’s infinite credit that he manages to feed you all the information you need on how these characters have found themselves in this situation without beating you to death with exposition. The backstory unveils itself piece by piece as The Package progresses, and this pairs well with the heightening violence to maintain an increasingly frantic and tense atmosphere. The performances are strong, and with an ending that packs a wildly unexpected punch, this is convincing stuff from a director who seems to be finding his voice.



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