‘Mindless’ Review – a short film by Katie Bonham

Developing a reputation as an emerging creative force in UK horror, writer-director Katie Bonham returns with fourth short Mindless, a challenging, claustrophobic and affecting work that feels informed by the distinct style that she’s making her own, while also feeling like a natural step forward in terms of craft.

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‘Ashen’ review – a short film by Jon Mikel Caballero **Traducción española incluida**

Jon Mikel Caballero’s Ashen starts charmingly enough – eight year old Em is getting ready to celebrate her eighth birthday with a party when her dad asks her to wait in a cupboard while he attends to something. She idly speculates in voiceover about what he might be up to, then turns her attention to the comic book he’s left her to read while she waits. What’s he doing that’s so secret? And why has he chosen this particular comic to give to Em?

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‘Patchwork’ Review

For a feature debut, Tyler MacIntyre’s Patchwork is a remarkably assured piece of work. Displaying an effortlessly tight grip on both its humour and its gorier inclinations, this bizarre reimagining of Frankenstein is one of the funniest horror-comedies to come along in a long time, and manages to maintain both an endearing 80s throwback spirit and a fresh, contemporary ingenuinity.

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