Now on Netflix: ‘He Never Died’ Review

Reach exceeds grasp in He Never Died, a film whose ambition isn’t quite matched by its execution.

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‘You’re Gonna Die Tonight’ Review – a short film by Sergio Morcillo

You’re Gonna Die Tonight, a home invasion slasher from Sergio Morcillo, unquestionably wears its influences on its sleeve, and there’s plenty of them. However, it’s to the film’s infinite credit that, while the areas from which it takes many of its cues are identifiable, it doesn’t fit overly snugly into any of these categories, What we get instead is a taut, slick film that hints at enough depth to be comfortably adapted to feature length.

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‘The Conjuring 2’ Review

For as high-class a ghost story as it was, there’s still no denying that the scale of The Conjuring‘s critical and commercial acclaim back in 2013 was a little unexpected. Three years later comes the inevitable sequel, and the Warrens are back, questionable sideburns and all, as James Wan (SawInsidiousFurious 7) returns to the director’s chair for another cut from their extensive real-life case files.

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