‘You’re Gonna Die Tonight’ Review – a short film by Sergio Morcillo

You’re Gonna Die Tonight, a home invasion slasher from Sergio Morcillo, unquestionably wears its influences on its sleeve, and there’s plenty of them. However, it’s to the film’s infinite credit that, while the areas from which it takes many of its cues are identifiable, it doesn’t fit overly snugly into any of these categories, What we get instead is a taut, slick film that hints at enough depth to be comfortably adapted to feature length.

As protagonist Victoria (Monica Aragon) stumbles home from a night out, navigating her garden through a swathe of Halloween decorations, she relaxes by pouring a glass of wine and, erm, “unwinding” in the bath. The tone turns on a sixpence to momentarily feverish here, with the accompanying split-second flashes of neon-tinged eroticism giving off an unexpected giallo vibe, when Monica’s peace is shattered by a ringing telephone. Shifting gears to conventional slasher territory, but again only for a moment, she’s taunted by an unidentified voice on the other line. Quicker than you can say “Scream“, You’re Gonna Die Tonight changes direction once again, and we’re in home invasion territory before you’ve had time to draw breath.

While the film’s whistle-stop tour of subgenres and tropes might sound like a criticism, it feels more like a triumph: it doesn’t conform entirely to any of them, and what could feel like an identity crisis in less capable hands instead feels like a solid command of style and tone here. While the dialogue (which might have benefited from being left in its native tongue) occasionally feels clunky, the intruders are genuinely intimidating and the violence surprisingly jarring. You’re Gonna Die Tonight piles on the tension with aplomb, and as the twists come thick and fast, it’s difficult not to be impressed by its depth, visuals and ambition.


Watch the trailer for You’re Gonna Die Tonight here.


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