‘Baskin’ Review

Whatever you think about the surrealist grotesquerie of Can Evrenol’s festival smash Baskin, what can’t be disputed is that it’s an incredibly assured feature debut.

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‘The Last Shift’ Review

While not all of director Anthony DiBlasi’s work lands quite like I’d hope, one thing that always works in his favour is his continual refusal to be pigeonholed. Whether it be the dark, simmering religious slow-burn Missionary, the 90s-tinged slasher Most Likely to Die or the unremitting bleakness of Dread, his ability to continually defy convention is refreshing, even if the films don’t always connect.

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Now on Netflix: ‘Finders Keepers’ Review

At a surface level, the premise of Finders Keepers doesn’t score many points in the originality stakes. That on its own, however, can be forgiven – in theory at least – if enough fun can be had with that familiarity. In the absence of a particularly fresh idea, there’s something to be said for playing to your strengths, but they’re in short supply here, and this is a rote, predictable demon-doll effort that can’t channel its scary imagery and strong central performance into anything that leaves a lasting impression.

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