‘The Night Whispered’ Review – a short film by Nicholas Vince

Nicholas Vince (HellraiserNight BreedMindless) aims for subtlety and hits the mark on directorial debut The Night Whispered. An old-fashioned chiller that plays out as a love letter to his early fondness for the M.R. James adaptations of the 60s and 70s, it’s a curious, impactful film that balances its mounting dread deftly against its moments of eccentricity.

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‘Blair Witch’ Review

The announcement of a direct sequel (let’s just go ahead and pretend Book of Shadows didn’t happen, just like the rest of the world) to 1999’s genre-redefining found-footage classic The Blair Witch Project came with a certain amount of imperviousness to the cynicism directed as standard to most horror remakes.

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‘Don’t Breathe’ Review

dontbreatheFew people have cleared a steeper hurdle with their feature debut as a director than Fede Alvarez. Having helmed 2013’s Evil Dead, he overcame the standard-issue swathes of remake/reboot cynicism to deliver one of the most convincing revivals the horror genre has ever seen. With follow-up Don’t Breathe, the gore takes a back seat in favour of suspense, and his growth as a director is self-evident.

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