‘The Neighbour’ Review

Marcus Dunstan, writer of later Saw franchise entries and director of the under-rated The Collector and sequel The Collection, sticks to the claustrophobic framework that has worked for him in the past on third feature The Neighbour.

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‘The Evil In Us’ Review

With the best will in the world, there’s not too much to get excited about in The Evil In Us, a heartfelt, lovingly-sculpted “cabin in the woods” infection/zombie yarn that, while unshakeable in its commitment, doesn’t really engage in any significant way until its final twist.

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FrightFest Previews – Interview with ‘Let Her Out’ Director Cody Calahan

Let-Her-Out-movie-1.jpgThe opening night midnight slot at FrightFest has proven to be a mixed bag over the years, but never seems to fail to draw a reaction. With a tendency towards high-energy crowd pleasers like You’re Next and Zombeavers, we venture into darker territory this year with Let Her Out, the new film from Antisocial director Cody Calahan. He took the time to tell us about the film, what it was like making Antisocial 2, and his route into filmmaking…

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