FrightFest Previews – Interview with ‘Egomaniac’ Writer/Director Kate Shenton

If you attended FrightFest last year, and were in the audience for the World Premiere of Liam Regan’s Banjo, you might remember festival co-organiser Ian Rattray saying some impassioned words about how he feels FrightFest should always try to support emerging British talent, as well as independent cinema as a whole. One year on, and they’re as good as their word: following her documentary On Tender Hooks and its success at the festival in 2013, Kate Shenton returns to “the Woodstock of gore” with her new film Egomaniac. Ahead of the film’s World Premiere on August 28th, she took the time to chat to us…

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‘The Similars’ Review

The Incident director Isaac Ezban pulls real substance from an apparently slight premise in The Similars, an affectionate homage to 60s sci-fi that ingeniously balances moments of genuine hilarity with tight storytelling, and gives way to an impressively high concept at precisely the right moment.

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