20 Questions With…James Moran and Cat Davies

Cat Davies has proven herself to have a pretty steady hand when it comes to fusing comedy and horror. Her last two shorts, Keen-Wah and Connie both debuted to deserved acclaim on the festival circuit, and we were impressed enough with Connie to be genuinely interested in what was to come next. As it turns out, she’s teamed up with James Moran (writer of Tower Block, Severance, Doctor Who and Torchwood) for new short Blood Shed. You can find out more about the film’s Kickstarter campaign here, but in the meantime, they stopped by to get the 20 Questions treatment…

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‘Don’t Breathe’ Review

dontbreatheFew people have cleared a steeper hurdle with their feature debut as a director than Fede Alvarez. Having helmed 2013’s Evil Dead, he overcame the standard-issue swathes of remake/reboot cynicism to deliver one of the most convincing revivals the horror genre has ever seen. With follow-up Don’t Breathe, the gore takes a back seat in favour of suspense, and his growth as a director is self-evident.

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