‘The Belko Experiment’ Review

Office Space collides with The Purge and Battle Royale in The Belko Experiment, a fitfully engaging workplace horror from Guardians of the Galaxy‘s James Gunn.

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‘The Love Witch’ Review

Without question one of the year’s most talked about genre releases, The Love Witch, a years-long labour of love from writer, director, producer and costume and set designer Anna Biller, is fully deserving of the hype it has been steadily amassing since it first began turning heads on the festival circuit last year. Unflinching and totally convincing in its commitment to its atmosphere and retro visual flair, this is a hugely entertaining piece of work that is both an effective homage to sixties and seventies horror and a smartly observed riff on long-standing genre gender politics.

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‘Get Out’ Review

Best known for his work as one half of cult comedy duo Key and Peele, Jordan Peele makes an unexpected gear-shift into horror for his directorial debut. As it turns out, the outcome is better than anyone could have expected: Get Out is a slickly executed, expertly paced and remarkably well written thriller that succeeds all at once at being chillingly relevant, deeply scary and hugely entertaining.

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